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Sep. 18th, 2010


An invite from Sara to the ADRLF Benefit in NYC!!

The Al D. Rodriguez Liver Foundation proudly announces their upcoming second annual benefit: BROADWAY TAKES THE RUNWAY, which will be held in New York City on Monday October 4th, 2010. For further details and tickets please visit www.broadwaytakestherunway.com

The proceeds from our first benefit allowed us to hold a free screening for Hepatitis at the Actors Fund Al Hirschfeld Clinic in Manhattan. In addition, we funded the full Hepatitis vaccination panel for those who needed it. We would like to continue the free screening/vaccination program on a yearly basis. Your kind contributions will assist us in completing our mission. To learn more about us or donate funds please visit our new website at www.aldrodriguezliverfoundation.com.

Thank you,

Sara Ramirez
ADRLF Founder

Jun. 30th, 2010

Sara Peace

Official Sara Ramirez Fan Club

It is my pleasure to announce creation of the Facebook page for the Official Sara Ramirez Fan Club.  Currently,  we have created a Facebook page in order to get the word out about the Fan Club site, which is forthcoming later this summer. I've been working with Sara and her representatives over the past year to bring all of you a fan site with exclusive photos,  information, and updates from Sara herself!

So come over and join us on Facebook to receive exclusive info on the launching of the Official Sara Ramirez Fan Club.  Click on the image below to be taken to the Facebook page and feel free to introduce yourself.  Stay tuned for more information as the site progresses. 

Take care.
Tosha (aka iluvcallie)

Sara Ramirez

Dec. 23rd, 2009


A Message from Sara!!

Hey Folks,
Last weekend was the community donation drive and it our efforts were greatly appreciated by Sara and the folks over at the foundation. I heard from Sara about it and just wanted to deliver the message, as well as info about the availability of "Silent Night".

"I am thrilled and so grateful for all you and the fans did with the donation drive. It is really touching and I know Al is looking down on us with a very full heart about all this. Oh! I also wanted to share with you that my version of "Silent Night" (recorded for and played on Grey's Anatomy--the "Holidaze" episode) is now on sale on iTunes, Amazon, and all other internet outlets. I will be taking the proceeds from it and donating it to the ADRLF. Please let the fans know in case they're interested. I realize a lot of people figure out a way to copy it without buying it, but if they know where the money is going I hope it will inspire folks to purchase it instead." Take care, Sara

Awesome, huh!!

I'll post a separate note about "Silent Night" but wanted to share this directly with you all. Thanks to everyone who participated in the donation drive. Our efforts did not go unnoticed. And if you did not get the chance to participate, consider purchasing "Silent Night" online.

Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!

Dec. 20th, 2009


LAST DAY: Community Donation Drive

Today is the last day of the Sara Ramirez Fan Community Donation Drive to benefit the Al D. Rodriguez Liver Foundation. Join us in supporting Sara's efforts in honoring her best friend's memory by supporting this wonderful cause.

Here’s what to do:

1) Go to the ADRLF website over the weekend of December 18-20 (THIS WEEKEND) and submit a donation. Feel free to donate as little or as much as you can.

2) Label your donation “Sara Ramirez fan community”

3) After you’ve submitted your donation, send me a note with your holiday message to Sara for the card via PM on my LJ page (username: iluvcallie).


Let’s show Sara how much we love her while lending our support to this worthy cause.

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!

Dec. 19th, 2009


Reminder: ADRLF Community Donation Drive THIS WEEKEND!!

Community Donation Drive: Al D. Rodriguez Liver Foundation Holiday Donation Drive

Here’s what to do:

1) Go to the ADRLF website over the weekend of December 18-20 (THIS WEEKEND) and submit a donation. Feel free to donate as little or as much as you can.

2) Label your donation “Sara Ramirez fan community”

3) After you’ve submitted your donation, send me a note with your holiday message to Sara for the card via PM on my LJ page (username: iluvcallie).

Note: The moderators of this community have approved this community donation drive and the donations go directly to the foundation.

Let’s show Sara how much we love her while lending our support to this worthy cause.

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!

Jun. 1st, 2009


Pines 69 Benefit and Sara, Day 2 Part 2

Sara closed out the benefit with her song. The VIP Reception was held at Crayton Robey's home and it was breathtaking.  I'd never been in a home that beautiful in my life. 

Perla at the entrance to the reception

I was a little bummed Sara only sang 1 song but we were going to the VIP Reception afterward and would hear more of her music in just a bit. And she did not disappoint. THIS GIRL SANG HER FACE OFF!!  I felt like I had gone to heaven and my partner was moved to tears.  You know, I never quite understood what Roberta Flack meant when she sang "Killing me Softly with his song" until Sara Ramirez did it.  She had the room in the palm of her hand the entire time.  It was beautiful.  Even when she forgot the words to one of her songs, and she laughed about it, we were all still right there with her. 

I don't remember the names of all the songs she sang, but when she sang "God Bless the Child", I lost it.  She had me stunned.  I kept looking at my partner, like "are we seriously here?" and "is she really singing that song?".  It is one of my all time favorites.  It was unbelievable.  A few other folks sang as well including one of the board members from the foundation named Darcy Becker.  He sang Dusty Springfield's "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself".  I was really moved by his performance.  He was so wonderful to us the whole time we had been on the island too.

Darcy Becker's touching performance. 

I was really impressed by the support and mutual admiration between all of the folks in the room.  When Darcy finished his performance, Sara was immediately on her feet with her arms around his neck in a HUGE hug.  Sara is really blessed to have such a wonderful group of people surrounding her and I'm sure they'd say the same thing about having her in their life. 

Again, Sara closed out the night and then we all mingled a bit with more of the folks in the room.  Our new friend, Joe, was really good friends with Al and told us more Al and Sara stories and her singing to Al.  He asked if I wanted to talk to Sara.  Of course, I did.  So he took us over.

Us and Joe

So Joe took us over to Sara and she was like "hello again".  I responded "hi again" with a huge grin.  She got up and hugged us.  Then she stated again that she couldn't believe we flew all that way.  She said, "it's expensive" and thanked us again for being a part of it. She also commented that we looked great.  I was trying so hard to play it cool, but I was out-of-my-mind happy right then.  My partner, who is another beautiful Latina and fluent in Spanish, told her (in Spanish) how much she was loved the performance and that it made her cry.  Sara actually apologized for making her cry! And I got to listen to them converse in Spanish.  Trust me, it was much hotter than the "my father is taking me home" Spanish rant on the show!  Perla later told me she spoke to her in Spanish on purpose because she knew I loved to hear Sara speak in Spanish.  I didn't think she noticed how many times I replayed that youtube clip of Callie's Spanish rant.  But I'm glad she did.  We talked a bit more with Sara and took another picture before we got ready to leave the event. 

Our last picture with Sara

Over all, this was such an amazing and surreal experience.  All day today, I caught myself smiling as I remembered the time we spent in the Pines.  The Benefit was excellent and such a touching tribute to Al and the Gay Liberation Movement.  The love and admiration was so palpable and we were honored to have been a part of it all.  Getting to meet and chat with Sara was the icing on the cake!

Thanks for reading. 


Pines 69 Benefit and Sara, Day 2 Part 1

After the first day meeting Sara and making a few new friends, I had a really hard time sleeping because I was so excited.  My adrenalin was through the roof!  We got up the next day and hiked over to Cherry Grove, which is the next village on the island and where the lesbians tend to go as opposed to the Pines, which is pretty much all gay men.  We spent the day there and had a great time, but I won't post pics of that. If you'd like to see some of the photos we took let me know and we can be Facebook friends or something. 

Now on to the good stuff... We got dressed and headed over to the benefit with some new friends we had met.  I must admit we looked great.  There was a cocktail reception before the film screening where we met a bunch of folks including a woman named Margarita, who is Al's sister.  She told us how Sara would fly back in forth between LA and New York to be by Al's side and she'd sing to him. She said Sara was by has side as he transitioned from this life.  I got really teary-eyed by that and my heart ached for Sara.  Margarita said that Sara describes him as her best friend, soulmate, and brother and was by his side until the end. 

Margarita, Perla, and I

A little bit later, we went inside for the film screening. Carson Kressley was the host of the event and Carlos R. Ortiz introduced the Al D. Rodriguez Liver Foundation.  He has some wonderful words to say about Al.  I got a little choked up to be witness to such love and admiration.  Although he's gone, he has left an amazing legacy for his loved ones.  Next, Crayton Robey introduced his film "Making the Boys".  He too shared some words about his friend, Al. 

Carlos R. Ortiz of the ADRLF

Crayton Robey and Carson Kressley

The film was excellent and had many of the audience in tears as it chronicles the Gay Liberation Movement.  I enjoyed the filme but was really excited when it was over because Sara was next!!  During the screening, she was sitting about 2 rows behind us.  We were in the 2nd row center.  Needless to say, I was ecstatic when she came up on stage.  And yes, SHE WAS GORGEOUS!! She sang a song to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Gay Liberation Movement and she brought the house down. We were on our feet when she finished and she looked right at me and gestured like she was embarrassed that we were standing.  I gestured right back that I couldn't help it.  She just laughed.

Sara getting ready to start singing


Sara singing at the Benefit

Again, I was floored by her talent, kindness, and humility.  I really couldn't believe I was right there hearing Sara Ramirez sing.  She blew us away.  And that was just the beginning.  In the next post, I'll talk and post some of the pictures from the VIP Reception. 


Pines 69 Benefit and Sara Day 1

So we got out to Fire Island Pines just after 2:30 on Friday afternoon. As soon as we got there and off the ferry, we headed towards a table with signs for the benefit. AND THERE SHE WAS. My partner saw her first and didn't say anything because she didn't want to freak me out. And she would have. But when I saw her, OMG!!  Sara is even more beautiful in person. I was floored and of course trying to play it cool because that's how I roll. ;)  Seriously though, I was awed immediately. And how cool is she?  Sitting at a table, selling tickets to the event, like nothing!!  We walked to the table where they were selling tickets and asked if we needed to pick them up or not. And she spoke to me. She was so nice, too.  I thought I'd have lost my words because that's what happens to me when I'm nervous.  But I DIDN'T!  I was so proud. Carlos, one of the founders of the organization, remembered me from a previous phone call and was so gracious in greeting us. I don't remember much of what he said because I was captivated by the gorgeousness that is Sara Ramirez. But I'm sure it was helpful!   We got our tickets and were about to leave to check in. But I gathered my courage and had to ask Sara if I could get a picture with her. She said yes and got right up and came to us. My partner took it and then Carlos came around and took one of all of us.

Sara and I

Sara, Perla, and I

She was so sweet and we talked a little about our trip out there for the benefit. She was so grateful that we came out there.  And couldn't believe we flew all the way over there just for the benefit. I told her I believed it was a good cause as I have lost too many loved ones to various types of cancers.  I told her I was sorry for her loss and she teared up a bit and just said that she gets it now. It really changes things for you when you lose someone so close to you.  I also mentioned how we came out there because I adore her and wanted to hear her sing live.  I didn't know if I'd ever get to see her on Broadway since she's a big star now.  She just laughed and said how Grey's is such a great gig. 

My partner told her a bit about my Callie obsession, which was really embarrassing. But she was so sweet and didn't make me feel like a dumb ass. What was really cool was that I told her how Callie was "my girl" and she responded "mine too".  I said how I started watching the show after spotting her as I flipped through the channels. I told her how I saw a beautiful Latina and had to finnd out who she was.  And that my wife understands my love for Callie Torres.  She just laughed.  So then we thanked her and were on our way. The rest of the day, I was glowing.  It was so awesome and a bit surreal to look over my shoulder and know that Sara Ramirez is sitting RIGHT OVER THERE!  I loved my life in that moment and couldn't for the benefit the next night.

Pines 69 Benefit with Sara

So this weekend, my partner and I attended the Pines 69 Benefit to support the Al D. Rodriguez Liver Foundation, which Sara is one of the founders.  Needless to say, it was AWESOME!!  We had a great mini vacation, made some wonderful friends, oh and met and chatted with SARA.  People always comment on how she is even more beautiful in person and it is so true.  But more than that, she is down to Earth and such a sweet woman. I will blog a bit more about the trip tomorrow and post more photos, but for now here is one of the pictures we took with her.  This was taken right after we exited the ferry to get onto the island, she was RIGHT THERE! I tried to play it cool, but she was RIGHT THERE. Most of that first day was spent glowing over the fact that I could look over my shoulder and know that Sara Ramirez was right over there. 

May. 26th, 2009


I Don’t Want Marriage, I Want Equity


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